In 2015-16 QCP UK raised £80,000 to bring clean running water to the hospital and village of Abeka. 


Clean water continues to be supplied to the hospital and village of Abeka. This has reduced by 95% the incidence of preventable water borne diseases, including typhoid and cholera. Women no longer risk violence on perilous journeys to fetch dirty water from Lake Tanganyika. A local management group collects subscriptions from those people who receive the clean water and uses this money to fund maintainance and coordinated repairs.


Planning is being undertaken to extend the supply to neighbouring villages. Local water engineers together with QCP UK are looking at the feasibility of extending this gravity-fed water supply to neighbouring villages. The project is working on the design of an extension that will bring clean water to Mkwezi, a village neighbouring Abeka, where families still suffer the hardships resulting from dirty water. We have the help of our trustee, Ian Tod, who brings his expertise in water engineering to the project.

Clean water helps significantly to save lives and is therefore a priority. The project will require significant funding. Help us to extend this lifeline to the neighbouring village of Mkwezi where families still suffer from the effects of dirty water. With your support we can break the cycle of danger and disease.


Please donate to save lives and be a catalyst for change!
We seek £50K. We have £7K so far.


 Clean water